Lessons From The Picturesque Villages of Buckinghamshire

To the south-eastern side of London lies one of the cutest counties you will find in the whole of England. Buckinghamshire, or simply Bucks, is one of the most serene places to be. This is especially so for people who love nature and the outdoors.

There is so much green to be seen in the sprawling fields, and the houses in these villages just seem to blend in smoothly. The county creates a picture of calmness and peace; going here or simply thinking about its memories sparks a breath of relief.

It is only logical, thus, that such a place would have lessons for other parts of the world to learn.


The word itself reverberates in almost every village here. From Quainton to Turville and West Wycombe, you get the feeling that the people in Bucks are not trying too much. Still, they get their stuff done to satisfaction.

Neighbouring the busy city of London, these villages are a stark contrast of the hustle and bustle of the capital. They can be a great place to come and wind down after a season of the rat race in the big town.


Who says that embracing simplicity sacrifices style? Well, the people of Bucks have completely deconstructed this theory. Even with their simple architecture, they have not foregone attractiveness. They actually seem to do their aesthetics to perfection.

The fields are meticulously manicured, as are the flower beds that dot most lawns. If you happen to step inside a few houses, you will quickly notice how they are well kept. All this has nothing to do with extravagance or largesse, but more about creativity. Think of it like you would use an ikea ektorp sofa cover to uplift the look of your seats rather than replace them with more expensive ones.

Nature Always Wins

Despite humanity’s endless search for cosmetic beauty, a visit to Buckinghamshire will tell you that going natural is the best solution. The sprawling landscape oozes more beauty that you will find in the cities with the most sophisticated architecture. Well, beauty is subjective, and it could be that this is only coming from a lover of nature. Still, a visit to any of the many villages will make you believe that at the end of it all, we will head back to the basics.


In a world where individualism is continuously taking centre stage, the villages of Bucks still hold that people should stick together. You would be surprised by the hospitality from strangers here. It is borderline suspicious, especially if you come from a place where next-door apartment neighbours have never even said a word to each other. Isn’t this the brotherhood that humanity needs?