The day in the life of a villager in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is a real hidden gem within the UK there are so many hidden treasures for people to come and discover. The villages offer the greatest escape from the stressful fast-paced city life and it’s wonderful and natural while being very accessible.

The day in the life of a village in Buckinghamshire, one would see the beautiful children that run from the top to the bottom of the county free to explore. While you can stand and admire our great rowing club which is a really fantastic atmosphere for the adventurous types. The heart of the community keeps its people occupied with fantastic programs in terms of getting people on the water or out in the great outdoors. The Long Ridge Count Center actually hosts various watersports programs such as canoeing, sailing, roaring along with powerboat testing. To provide a less intensive exercise for those who still want to be out of the water go down there and drive a motorboat. Backing up one of the big benefits of the Buckinghamshire show of course was the Olympics our hosts County was preparing for it for a long time. Ever since 2005 when London was announced as the host city we’ve built programs in place connecting people up in communities, schools, sports teams, sports clubs to build networks that help talented people come through. So they nurtured the goal in the first instance for people who work and live in the county to seek inspiration from the Olympic Games of London 2012.

Buckinghamshire is an attractive tourist destination as well because the area boasts a very good education system with opportunities for leisure along with being a great place to do business. Enticing the guests and villagers to be a part of the community due to the wide variety of activities available. Built with a strong infrastructure, roads, community activities, with construction in development and there are lots of opportunities for people to move into the area it’s a very rich County definitely worth a visit.