A Guide to Villages in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire (or ‘Bucks’ as it is often referred to in print) is actually one of the English Home Counties and sits just to the northwest of Greater London. While it is home to a number of major well-known towns such as High Wycombe and Chesham, the county is probably best known for the series of picturesque villages that are popular with some of England’s wealthiest people. This article will explore what makes these villages so attractive to their hundreds of residents and some of the things worth doing and seeing for anyone who gets the chance to visit.

Shopping in Buckinghamshire Villages

High-end villages in Buckinghamshire such as Beaconsfield and Marlow are well-known for their independent boutique shops. These are great places to go shopping for specialist beauty items such as buying Verso super facial serum or other things that it may be hard to seek out in more mainstream towns and cities.

Visitors should be aware that shops in these villages often keep more limited hours than larger establishments in the UK’s big cities. Anyone planning a trip from London would be well advised to come during the day on a weekday when the shops will be open but at their quietest. A word of warning, though; many Buckinghamshire villages still keep local closing days, so may, for instance, close on a Wednesday afternoon. A quick internet search before jumping on the train or getting in the car is the best way to avoid disappointment.

Eating in Buckinghamshire Villages

Buckinghamshire’s proximity to London and the relative wealth of many of the people who live there have caused many highly-rated chefs to make the county their home. There is no shortage of Michelin-starred and other highly-rated eating venues that will turn the head of even the most discerning diners. Some of the most popular venues have become very popular with London professionals. The result is that waiting lists can be very long, and tables on popular nights will book up months in advance. For this reason, it’s well worth tourists doing a little bit of advance planning when they first book their trip to the area to find out where they would like to eat and make their booking with plenty of time to spare.

Getting Around Buckinghamshire Villages

One of the disadvantages of visiting small villages in the UK compared to larger destinations is that public transport tends to be poor. Anyone visiting for a reasonable period would be best advised to hire a car as public transport options such as buses can be relatively thin on the ground, especially in the evening and at weekends. Those who decide to use buses should check local bus timetables before making any plans as intervals between services can be very long. Anyone planning to drive after a meal should keep in mind that the UK has very strict drink driving laws that are rigidly enforced.